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Our Story

Who we are:

Hill Country Provisions and Iron is an innovative creator of spice and seasoning blends that reflect the unique culture and cuisine not only of the Texas Hill Country, but other distinct regions of the world.

What we do:

Our quality begins and ends with the process that addresses an all too common problem, that has a simple solution born of thoughtful effort and attention to detail. Most spices are simply ground and packed. The potential to become something greater is lost. Our process of gently heating spices to release their full aromatic potential, blending and grinding them to meld the flavors and then locking them in by mixing them with sea salt ensures you get what you paid for: BOLD FLAVORS. Our Wine Infused Salts make use of the best Hill Country Wines in a novel way, allowing you to add the flavor of your favorite wines to your thoughtfully prepared, well-seasoned meals. Whatever your style of cooking, whatever food you feature on the plate, you can elevate your game with a well-placed pinch of your favorites from Hill Country Provisions & Iron. If you’re the type who likes to accessorize, be on the lookout for our hand-forged iron works like herb choppers, spice racks, and barbeque tools, available periodically through pre-order at www.hillcoproiron.com.

Why we do it:

You can feel good about your purchase knowing that Hill Country Provisions & Iron is committed to service in or local, national, and global communities. A core tenet of the business is our commitment to help others in need through acts of service and financial assistance. A portion of the proceeds of every sale will be used to assist vetted charitable organizations. Hill Country Provisions & Iron is a 100% Veteran Owned Small Business.