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Cherry Hibiscus Starter Pack

What's going on here: This isn't your everyday seasoning salt. It's smoky, tart, earthy, sweet, floral, and there's a small amount of heat from the red Kampot Pepper. We developed it for Thanksgiving to use on roasted sweet potatoes, and we received a lot of positive feedback from our market customers so it's now in our full-time product lineup.  

How to use it: Any red meat, and ESPECIALLY venison, elk, or wild boar. It's big and bold. It also makes a terrific addition to roasted sweet potatoes, baked, fried, or mashed potatoes, or any cream based sauce. Secret sauce: Use it as a finishing salt on barbecue, or even make a barbecue sauce by blending it with a can of tomato paste and a bit of honey to taste. 

Method: As with all of our salts, this can be used as a dry brine, basic seasoning salt, or finishing salt.

To Dry Brine: Apply generously (1/2 to both sides of cuts of red meat, pork, or poultry ideally 6-24 hours prior to cooking. Transfer meat to a rack on a paper towel-lined baking sheet and refrigerate uncovered until it's time to cook. Remove meat from the fridge 45-60 minutes and let it rest at room temperature prior to cooking. This process will result in a dramatically improved flavor, texture, and residual moisture (juiciness) of your meat dishes. Check for seasoning after cooking and apply more if needed, to suit your taste.

To Season Vegetables: Simply apply ½ to 1 teaspoons per serving prior to cooking. Add more to taste if needed prior to serving.

Vinaigrettes: Simply season to taste.