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Vaquero Sol Starter Pack

What's going on here:  How many chili peppers can you find being sold in season, fresh-roasted in Texas grocery stores? We can think of one: The Hatch Chili. And seeing as it's not even grown in Texas, that fact alone let's you know it's something special. And it just seems to go with everything. Like cowboys and the sun, Vaquero Sol and your favorite foods are meant to be together.

How to use it: Any cut of beef, pork or poultry including whole roasted chicken or turkey, or boneless/skinless cuts. Also great on roasted potatoes, sweet potatoes, eggs, or as a finishing salt on tacos, enchiladas, and burgers. 

Method: As with all of our salts, this can be used as a dry brine, seasoning salt, or finishing salt.

To Dry Brine: Apply generously (1/2 to both sides of cuts of meat, pork, or poultry ideally 6-24 hours prior to cooking. Transfer meat to a rack on a paper towel-lined baking sheet and refrigerate uncovered until it's time to cook. Remove meat from the fridge 45-60 minutes and let it rest at room temperature prior to cooking. This process will result in a dramatically improved flavor, texture, and residual moisture (juiciness) of your meat dishes. Check for seasoning after cooking and apply more if needed, to suit your taste.

To Season Vegetables: Simply apply ½ to 1 teaspoon per serving prior to cooking. Add more to taste if needed prior to serving.

Vinaigrettes: Simply season to taste. 

Ingredients: Mesquite smoked sea salt, Hatch chili powder, cumin, coriander, oregano, lemon peel.

Nutritional Facts: Serv. Size: 1 tsp (3g). Servings: 19. Amount per Serving: Calories 8. Fat Cal 0 (0%DV), Sodium 300mg (11% DV), Total Carb 1g (1%DV), Fiber 1g (1% DV), Sugars 0g, Protein 0g, Vitamin A (4% DV), Percent Daily Values based on 2,000 calorie diet.